Identifying new growth opportunitiesConsulting service

Through its own network and fieldwork, we conduct surveys based on industry's "real" and "live voice".

  • You need an external perspective on the opportunities created for your business and how much they worth
  • You need to assistance in prioritizing these opportunities and you need support to develop a detailed operational roadmap to achieve the required organizational change
  • We work closely with management to understand your strategic goals, vision/mission and company ethos which form the first selection criteria for selection of new project concepts
  • Further based on your requirements, we set boundary conditions and prioritization criteria(with weightages assigned) to finally rate the selected project concepts on a scale for attractiveness and do-abiity

The advantages of Sumlight

  • Our vast experience of working with new project ideas and operationalizing them together with our industry knowledge across verticals is critical to our success in identifying new growth opportunities for clients. Further our ability to work closely with our clients enables us to develop a good understanding of your business and hence develop appropriate strategies

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