Market assessmentConsulting service

Through its own network and fieldwork, we conduct surveys based on industry's "real" and "live voice".

  • You wish to evaluate a particular sector in order to decide whether it is attractive enough to invest in and how big is market opportunity
  • You want to invest in a particular industry or segment and need to understand how the market environment, competitive structure, business models, industry profit pools and regulations may look in the future
  • You want to develop a long range market forecast for particular industry or market, and analyze various scenarios, as an input to your strategy development

Market sizing and outlook

  • We estimate the addressable market size and take into account growth prospects to arrive at conclusions regarding future outlook
  • We analyze key trends, demand drivers and key challenges to assess the market

Customer analysis

  • We segment the customer base by demographics, geography, income classes, etc. in order to identify target customer segment for the client
  • Assess the target customer base to identify purchasing criteria, decision making process, price elasticity, etc.

Competitor analysis

  • We analyze the competitive intensity and threat posed to new entrants, product/service offerings of key competitors, channel strategy, price points, etc.

Channel analysis

  • Understand the various operating models and go-to-market strategies of other players
  • Understand how channel strategies have enables other players to establish themselves in the market

The advantages of Sumlight

  • Our team is experienced at analyzing niche markets and uncovering hard-to-find data through innovative research approaches. Our research approach is aimed at triangulating information obtained from various sources in order to test its reliability. Further, our market network and relationships enable us to access relevant market sources to tap into required information

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